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About us


We would like to believe that we are rational beings, but the truth is that we base our decisions on the sixth sense and then justify them with the help of reason.

Promotional gifts, chosen with flair and enriched with powerful messages, trigger an earthquake of reactions. Joy and delight are some of these reactions, which we noticed people often have when offered a gift.

When you give a promotional gift, one of the following things happen or maybe they all happen at once:

Your customers are happy
because they received a really useful and fascinating product, which responds to a need they had. They will use your gift and will faithfully buy from you.

** Your business partners feel appreciated and find pleasure in your partnership. They will confidently resume partnerships with you and will recommend you to others.   

*** The employees of your company are proud to be part of a company that invests in its image and is concerned about their safety and happiness. They will become supporters of your organization and you will strengthen the team spirit.

The list could go on. But what we really want to say is this:

When you give something, you initiate in a very special art: the art of giving, which communicates directly and has its own language.

For over ten years, we have been specializing in the market of promotional gifts. We got to know this market so well, that we wanted to correct its mistakes.

So we started by bringing to Romania innovative products, useful objects, which solve real and urgent needs. We have transformed the entire process of selecting a personalized corporate gift into an experience that you will be pleased to repeat over and over again.

For over ten years, we have been putting out there our ideas, dedication, knowledge and guarantees. And with that, a truly magical thing happened.

We started building marketing campaigns which truly had a WOW effect and started rebuilding our own ways in the promotional market.

Today Advertising

We bring the WOW to your business!

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