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Our Team
The stories we could tell you about our team are numerous. Each one would show how special our personnel truly is. We are talking about the same people that have chosen to innovate the promotional world and have managed to do this pen by pen.

We started on this road more than ten years ago.

Even from the start we believed that an enthusiastic team can build ingenious marketing campaigns, regardless of the inherent obstacles.

We have achieved fabulous results just by using a classic product, in an unusual way. We have tirelessly sought inspiration and ideas for campaigns that will make your partners and clients say: “WOW - Here's something I didn't think of!”

We believe that what unites us in the great FAMILY of Today Advertising, whether we are DTP, marketing, sales or customer care, is the power to turn dreams into reality.

Moreover, our clients' dreams do not scare us. On the contrary, they motivate us to be better, to start  the road with enthusiasm, to invent and reinvent ourselves.

So there’s only one thing we will say to you, our travel companion, when embarking on this road with us:

“If you can dream it, we will make it happen.”

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