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Our Mission, Vision, Values


Today Advertising aims to save the world from unnecessary promotional gifts and help people rediscover the magic that a carefully chosen gift provokes. Through it, bridges and strong relationships are created between companies and their collaborators. With every campaign we're implementing, we want to create a WOW experience.


Today Advertising aims to innovate the world of promotions, to bring a new way through which amazing products and amazing marketing campaigns are created. In order to achieve our goals, we will generate wow ideas and build campaigns that will change the perception of promotional products. These ideas will bring customers and profit, market recognition and more loyal business partners.


We help you rediscover ways to make classic campaigns, reinvent them and reinvent with each client. We create our own path in a crowded market. We are honest with our partners and we are honest with us. We're humans, not robots. We appreciate the open, honest communication, we understand that each of us is different and we decode the messages with the best intentions, always with the goal of reaching an agreement.

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