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Why Us

If we wanted to travel the world on foot, right now we would have managed to rotate around the planet 3 times already.

But this is not what we wanted, although to find the WOW promotional ideas and gifts for over 1000 customers who have crossed our threshold so far, it was necessary to beat the country long and wide.

This is how we traveled more than 300.000 kilometers. That is exactly the same distance it takes to go around the Earth three times. We did our share of road trips with enthusiasm, while staying in charge of more than 10 thousand projects, completed in 20 different fields of activity.

In a decade of activity, we customized 10 million products and consumed 6 thousand kilos of ink. We spent 15 thousand hours creating campaigns that reached millions of people.

Our ideas have made 500 brands enjoy the appreciation and loyalty of customers and business partners.

If we were to still use the old ways of communication, buy now we would have sent at least 1000 traveling pigeons, just so those 10 million messages directed to our collaborators could reach them in do time. We didn't have pigeons, but we had stocks of 5 million products, and we preferred to talk to people on our social channels, where we gathered more than 40 thousand promotional lovers.

With a part of them we had special meetings, when traveling to more than 60 fairs created for this industry. With others we met in one of the 3 offices that Today Advertising has opened in Romania.

We constantly try to keep up with technology. We use the most modern equipment and technologies. We innovate, we invent solutions when solutions seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth and with that, we reinvent ourselves.

Why us? Why not, Today Advertising?

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