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HORECA Promotions: Create a strong brand and touch the heart of your customers

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a manager or someone that promotes a business in the HoReCa segment, you'll be interested to occupy as much as you can the mind of your leads. Because if you're in their minds ... you are very close to their wallet. What promotions for the HoReCa segment, that help you get the results you wanted?

Strategy is one of the most commonly used words in marketing. It's true that just like a soldier left on the battle front, you must also have an attack plan when you start to gain the attention of your clients.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or one who promotes a business in HoReCa, you will be interested to remain in the minds of consumers for as long as possible. Because if you are in their mind, you are very close to their wallet.

You will also want your customers are living, through your services and products, to be worth telling - so you get free publicity and you win new prospects.

The rule of  the Seven

It may be possible that you already communicate effectively online, on social networks or in targeted groups. Your sales strategy may be mature enough that the information about who you are and what you do is circulating in the media, on your newsletter or on your blog.

But do not lose sight of the offline side of the business and make sure that the efforts out there strengthen the image projected in the online environment. Promotions help you communicate those elements that differentiate you in the market, but at the same time allow you to offer a complete, personalized brand experience.

Think of all those items that your customers use when they visit your hotel or restaurant: glasses, napkins, menus, coasters, cutlery, towels and bathrobes, slippers, hygiene and body care items. Choose to print them with your logo or a distinct, innovative, memorable message and thus ensure that for several hours, your customers will read it repeatedly.

Marketing and branding specialists say that people need to see a logo at least 7 times, in different contexts, before they can remember it. Keep in mind the rule of 7 when choosing where to display your message and logo.

Unintentional amnesia - or why it's so hard for us to remember a brand

The constant exposure to the same message will help your clients overcome the unintentional amnesia that makes our memory fail when we have to remember a brand. The name for unitentional amnesia was created by researchers at UCLA.

Three professors from here tested to see how well people remember one of the most popular logos in the world, Apple. The people who participated in the study were asked to draw the correct logo, as they recall it. Only 47% managed to do this. The result should not surprise us if we think how much commercial information we receive every day: it's a real war out there!

All brands want to settle in our minds, but the truth is that there is only room for a few.

And the ones that really stay in our mind, are just the ones that manage to get close to our heart, as well. To do this, a brand must ensure that as long as the consumer is in his space, where he has absolute control over the messages that surround him, he will take full advantage and expose himself in a smart way.

Which are the promotions with the best ROI (return on investment) for the HoReCa segment?